Remember Andrew Gillum?

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The Grind:
Florida Democrat Andrew Gillum is taking a break from public life after police walked in on what has been described as a crystal meth-fueled orgy – but which he insists was just a wedding celebration where he drank too much.

The Details:
Gillum was “unable to communicate with officers due to his inebriated state” when police chanced upon him in a hotel room at Miami’s South Beach Mondrian on Thursday night, responding to another man’s “possible drug overdose,” revealed the police report, leaked via Twitter on Friday.

The police were concerned enough to request a second “welfare check” on Gillum, while they took his stricken companion to the hospital.

But while Gillum eventually sobered up enough to “return to his residence without incident,” the cops found and confiscated “three small baggies” of “suspected crystal meth” that were apparently lying in plain sight in the hotel room. Read more…

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