Shocking Survey: Americans’ Deepest Fear Isn’t What You Think

According to Chapman University’s annual Survey of American Fears released on October 11, the top fears among Americans revolve around corrupt government officials and environmental issues. The survey, which questioned about 1,200 adults across the United States, highlighted a notable shift towards concerns about the government and the environment.

Corrupt government officials maintained their position at the top of the fear list, with 75 percent of respondents expressing fear or significant fear about this issue. What’s new and notably high on the list this year is “Trumpcare,” with over 55 percent of people indicating fear or significant fear related to it.

Environmental fears took center stage as well, with pollution of oceans, rivers, and lakes ranking third, and pollution of drinking water ranking fourth. These concerns about the environment represent a shift in the top fears compared to previous years.

Other fears that made it to the top 10 included financial insecurity in the future, high medical bills, U.S. involvement in a world war, climate change, North Korea’s weapons use, and air pollution. The survey noted that fears about world war involvement and North Korea’s weapon use were new additions to the list.

Christopher Bader, the lead researcher and a sociology professor at Chapman University, highlighted the connection between these top fears and media stories, such as changes in environmental policies and healthcare. This suggests that current events and societal discussions strongly influence people’s fears.

Interestingly, classic fears like fear of heights, sharks, insects, spiders, and even dying ranked lower on the list compared to fears related to government, healthcare, and the environment. Even horror staples like scary clowns and zombies were among the least feared topics, indicating a disconnect between entertainment-driven fears and real-life concerns.

Chapman University’s fear survey, conducted since 2014, provides insights into the evolving fears of Americans, shedding light on the societal and environmental factors that influence people’s perceptions of fear and safety.

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