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Exclusive: Government UFO Reports Uncovered at Canadian University

The skies above northern Canada have long been a source of mystery and intrigue, with numerous reported UFO sightings adding to the enigmatic aura of the region. Now, researchers at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg are poised for a deep dive into the realm of unidentified flying objects, thanks to a significant donation of over 30,000 UFO-related documents to the university’s archives.

The generous contribution comes from Chris Rutkowski, a respected science writer and prominent Canadian ufologist. Rutkowski’s extensive collection comprises more than 20,000 UFO reports spanning three decades, along with over 10,000 UFO-related documents obtained from the Canadian government. This wealth of material, as noted by the University of Manitoba, includes substantial documentation of the Falcon Lake incident, a highly publicized UFO encounter often hailed as Canada’s “best-documented UFO case.”

Describing the Falcon Lake incident as surpassing even the infamous Roswell incident, Rutkowski underscores its significance, especially given the ongoing debate surrounding Roswell’s authenticity. Unlike Roswell, which the United States remains reticent about, the Falcon Lake incident drew attention and puzzlement from both U.S. and Canadian authorities, leaving a lingering air of mystery.

The incident itself unfolded on May 20, 1967, when amateur geologist Stefan Michalak was conducting a survey near Falcon Lake in Manitoba. Michalak’s encounter began with the unexpected sight of agitated geese fleeing from two glowing, cigar-shaped objects in the sky. While one of the objects departed, the other landed nearby, prompting Michalak to approach it cautiously.

Michalak’s vivid descriptions of the craft, including sketches that are now part of the University of Manitoba’s collection, depict a classic flying saucer. Upon nearing the craft, Michalak noticed its intense heat, sulfuric smell, and audible mechanical sounds. Attempting to peer inside, he was met with a grid-like pattern of tiny holes that emitted scorching-hot gas, causing severe burns and subsequent health complications.

The aftermath of Michalak’s encounter, documented in medical reports and evaluations, revealed physical injuries consistent with his account. Despite investigations and analyses, including the recovery of radioactive material from the landing site, the Falcon Lake incident remains unresolved, adding to the allure of UFO phenomena.

With Rutkowski’s extensive records joining the University of Manitoba’s Archives & Special Collections, researchers and enthusiasts alike anticipate new insights into UFO encounters. A crowdfunding campaign launched by the university aims to digitize these valuable documents, inviting contributions from those intrigued by the mysteries of the unknown.

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