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Twitter Files, Part X: Banning Those Who Question the COVID Narrative

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The Grind:

Thus far the Twitter File dumps have been mostly about the FBI using Twitter to silence conservatives and run cover for Hunter Biden’s laptop — perhaps effectively altering the 2020 election — and about how the CIA, Department of Defense (DOD), and practically every other government agency jumped on the Twitter censorship bandwagon for their own nefarious purposes.

1984-O-RAMA! Under Joe Biden, the U.S. government has infiltrated major tech companies like Twitter, Facebook, Verizon, etc., to spy on its own citizens. As you’re about to see, they also want to control what we read — and therefore what we believe to be true.

The Details:

Monday’s Twitter Files dump is about the government silencing anyone who dared question “the science” surrounding anything to do with the Hong Kong Fluey.

Wait until you see what – and who – decided what was and wasn’t the acceptable medical opinion in regard to the Bat-Stew Flu.

As I’ve noted before, following the multi-part Twitter Files dump can be confusing. So I will lay out the essentials in an easy-to-follow bulleted format:

Both the Trump and Biden administrations pressured Twitter regarding COVID-19 “misinformation” but for different reasons: Trump wanted to prevent the public from “panic buying” and engaging in conspiracy theories involving 5G cell towers; Biden wanted to silence people who questioned mask efficacy, vaccines, or anything put forth by the CDC.

After Biden took over the White House, his administration took aim at anti-vaxxers, including journalist Alex Berenson. In mid-2021, Biden declared that media companies were “killing people” by allowing “misinformation” on their platforms. Berenson was suspended immediately thereafter. Berenson sued Twitter and, in the process, learned the White House was out to silence him. Read more…

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