Trump Lands Big 2024 Endorsement

The Grind:
Former President Donald Trump easily won the 2024 GOP presidential nomination straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) gathering this weekend in Florida.

The Details:
Trump, who’s repeatedly flirted with making another presidential run in 2024 to try and return to the White House, captured 59% of ballots cast in the anonymous online straw poll, according to results announced by CPAC on Sunday afternoon.

The former president, who remains the most popular and influential politician in the Republican Party as he continues to play a kingmaker’s role in GOP primaries, won 55% support a year ago in the CPAC Orlando straw poll. Trump jumped to 70% support in the 2024 straw poll conducted last July at CPAC in Dallas…

Trump’s strong performance comes on the unscientific survey as no surprise. CPAC, long the largest and most influential gathering of conservatives, has become a Trump-fest since his 2016 presidential election victory. Read more…

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