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Shocking Claims: Is the Government Poisoning Idaho Residents?

From October 12 to 28, 2010, our skies were subjected to a relentless 16-day aerial dispersion of toxic chemicals, a phenomenon that went largely unnoticed by most of our citizens. This chemtrail spraying has persisted, continuing even as residents go about their daily lives – shopping, taking their children to school, running errands, working, and participating in various outdoor activities. All the while, they remain unaware that they are being subjected to a submicron concoction of hazardous metals and chemicals. The citizens of Ventura County, California are being chemtrail sprayed without their consent.

These residents are not given any advance warning about these chemical releases, and as a result, they are unwittingly exposed to a geoengineered atmosphere filled with substances like ethylene dibromide, aluminum oxide, barium salts, strontium, cadmium, mercury, decussated red blood cells, live biological toxins, radioactive thorium, yellow fungal mycotoxins, mold spores, and mycoplasma. Many are now reporting a range of health issues such as dry coughs, unexplained itching, respiratory problems, memory lapses, ear discomfort, headaches, and more, not realizing that these symptoms are linked to the chemicals and metals they are inhaling. Astonishingly, there have been 118 documented chemtrail spray days in Ventura County over the last 12 months.

This page has been established to reach out to the people of Idaho and inform them about the chemtrail situation in Ventura County, California, across all 50 states, and throughout NATO countries. The call goes out for assistance from the people of Idaho. The primary goal is to find a way to halt chemtrail spraying in Ventura County or within your own region. The aim is to transform Ventura County, California into a “No-Chemtrail Spray” zone.

The strategy is clear: make one county in the United States a “No-Chemtrail Spray” example, serving as the catalyst for other counties to follow suit. The appeal is extended to people around the world to share any successful approaches for stopping or delaying chemtrail spraying, establishing “No Chemtrail Spray Zones,” securing a “72-Hour Warning” before spraying, and filing “Chemtrail Injunctions” to halt the process. The page highlights some recent eyewitness videos of chemtrail activities in Idaho, offering a glimpse of what’s happening in Ventura County.

The citizens of Ventura County are grappling with a sense of abandonment from state and county officials who appear indifferent to their plight. The toxic metals and chemicals being dispersed in the atmosphere in the name of geoengineering pose a significant health and environmental risk, with repercussions extending to agriculture, tree health, and water and soil contamination. The appeal to the good people of Idaho is a call to unite, as it’s believed that if enough citizens are educated about chemtrail spraying, they will come together to find a way to stop it. The belief in collective action is a beacon of hope in the effort to reclaim the purity of the air that is essential to our freedom. The chemtrail resistance in Idaho is welcomed, and the call is clear: unite to stop chemtrail spraying in both Ventura County and Idaho.

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