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Judge Boots Psaki’s Attempt to Dodge Subpoena

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The Grind:

With the GOP taking over the House soon, hearings are already being lined up on a variety of subjects that nobody in the Biden administration would touch with a ten-meter cattle prod during Joe’s first two years in office.

Chief among these are questions about the White House allegedly conspiring with the major social media platforms to censor reports or opinions that ran contrary to the administration’s narrative.

The Details:

We already learned that one FBI analyst who was reportedly involved in these activities will not be excused from testifying. And now, it turns out that former White House spokesmodel Jen Psaki isn’t faring much better. She too sought to block efforts to have her testify. But a federal magistrate judge in Virginia openly scoffed at the idea in court this week and was described as “ridiculing” the request. (Politico)

A federal magistrate judge in Virginia openly scoffed Friday at White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s efforts to escape a deposition in a suit over alleged pressure on social media firms to censor posts on topics like Covid-19 vaccines and election fraud.

But even after roundly rejecting and even ridiculing arguments Psaki’s attorneys and the Justice Department presented against forcing her to testify, U.S. Magistrate Judge Ivan Davis ruled that the issue of Psaki’s testimony be sent to Louisiana to be resolved by the federal judge overseeing the case filed in May by the states of Louisiana and Missouri. Read more…

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