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Joe Biden: Living in Trump’s Shadow

The Grind:
Nearly 18 months after leaving office and with his trademark Twitter account still suspended, former President Donald Trump continues to crop up in the news.

The Details:
With incumbent President Joe Biden shying from the spotlight and struggling to get his messages to resonate, Trump commands a media presence much larger than that of a typical ex-president. With Jan. 6 committee hearings scheduled for prime time this month, the public will get an even larger dose of the Trump show than usual.

“Trump is still the most interesting man in the world,” said Republican strategist John Feehery. “That’s why the media spends so much time covering him — because it is good for ratings.”

That statement is borne out by statistics showing that news television and website traffic plummeted after Biden took office last Jan. 20 and remains down overall. Read more…

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