How We Know Biden’s Afraid of Tucker

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The Grind:
Joe Biden visited Buffalo, New York on Tuesday to meet with families of the victims from a grocery store massacre over the weekend that left 10 dead.

The Details:
While answering questions from reporters, Biden blamed Fox News host Tucker Carlson for the massacre, saying that he and others who discuss “replacement theory” are responsible. During his statement, President Biden forcefully condemned the attack as “domestic terrorism.” Critics have frequently pointed out that the Biden Administration only uses this label to describe white or right-leaning attackers. Recent racially motivated attacks in Waukesha and New York City at the hands of black nationalists received no such designation.

When asked by reporters if Fox News host Tucker Carlson was to blame for the killings, Biden said yes. “I believe anybody who echoes replacement theory is to blame – not for this particular crime – but it’s for no purpose, no purpose except profit and/or political benefit. And it’s wrong.” Read more…

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