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Biden Taps Hundreds of Social Media Influencers for Re-Election Bid

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The Grind:

President Joe Biden will be relying heavily on the power of social media, with an emphasis on mobilizing young voters, in his still unannounced reelection bid.

The 80-year-old commander in chief is enlisting hundreds of social media influencers, according to a new report.

“We’re trying to reach young people, but also moms who use different platforms to get information and climate activists and people whose main way of getting information is digital,” White House deputy chief of staff Jen O’Malley Dillon said, per Axios.

The Details:

These influencers across platforms such as Tiktok – which has notably come under severe scrutiny in Congress — Instagram, and Twitter will praise Biden’s accomplishments and agenda to their followers.

However, they won’t be getting paid.

There are four digital staffers devoted to working with the social media creators. They are officially employees of the White House.

Rob Flaherty, who is currently the assistant to the president and director of digital strategy, is said to be leading this effort.

A few of the enlisted influencers include 20-year-old TikTok creator Harry Sisson, Boston College professor, and Twitter user Heather Cox Richardson, and financial Tiktoker Vivian Tu.

Furthermore, Axios reports that social media influencers may have their own briefing room in the future. Read more…

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