Shocking Revelation: Nazis’ Origins Traced to Middle Earth?

In 1871, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, renowned for phrases like “The pen is mightier than the sword” and famous literary beginnings, such as “It was a dark and stormy night,” anonymously authored the novella “Vril: The Power of the Coming Race.” While often overlooked in favor of his other creations, Vril has left a lasting legacy. Blending elements of Jules Verne-style hollow-Earth science fiction, proto-occult ideologies, and Darwinian concepts, the novella narrates the encounter of an American with an underground society—the Vril-ya. Descended from ancient Aryans, they’ve mastered Vril, an infinite energy source. These beings, possessing a utopian existence free from conflict and social hierarchy, also lack human imperfections, including empathy, leading to the potential for catastrophic consequences.

The myth of Vril was embraced by Victorian mystics and later adopted by nativist German cults. Among these groups was the Thule Society, which supported Hitler and the Nazi regime. Post-war, speculation swirled among writers, both pro- and anti-Hitler, suggesting that an enigmatic Vril Society might have influenced Hitler’s ascent to power. Theories evolved, proposing Nazi attempts to build Vril-powered UFOs, Hitler’s supposed escape to Antarctica, contact with underground Aryans, and the planning of a Vril-fueled resurgence. Some influential Holocaust deniers even propagated ideas of a looming Fourth Reich. In recent years, American conspiracy theorists, aligning with New World Order ideologies, have incorporated Vril theories into their narratives, blending notions of Nazis, aliens, and a hidden controlling force.

Notably, the Church of Vrilology in New Jersey, led by Robert Blumetti, resembling a character akin to Joe Pesci, advocates a neo-Norse ideology centered around Vril-aided positive-thinking techniques. However, the church explicitly states that it is “NOT FOR EVERYONE” but rather a “NEW FAUSTIAN FOLK RELIGION FOR EUROPEAN MAN AND WOMAN.”

Amidst all this, Dave Emory’s radio programs weave a web where nearly every global political figure is seen as part of the “Underground Reich,” an alleged network connected to Hitler’s close associates. While historical ties between corporations like IBM and Volkswagen to the Third Reich exist, Emory’s modern-day analysis, even in the age of WikiLeaks, can be seen as more paranoid, delving into far-reaching theories.

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