Did a Mystery Woman Alert Vegas Concert-Goers of Peril?

During a concert in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017, reports emerged of a “mystery woman” allegedly warning or threatening concert-goers about the mass shooting that occurred shortly afterward. According to one witness, this woman was reported to have said, “You’re going to die” and “They’re surrounding us” just before the mass shooting began.

The witness, Breanna Hendricks, initially described the woman’s actions as potentially related to the impending shooting and believed her warnings were directed at the entire crowd. However, her mother, Shawn Hendricks, who was also present at the concert, believed the threats were more focused on a specific group near the front of the stage.

Later, Breanna Hendricks changed her account, stating that she no longer believed the woman’s threats were connected to the shooting. She thought the threats might have been directed at a particular group, and the woman’s behavior was a result of an altercation.

Damon Zumwalt, CEO of Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC), the security company overseeing the concert, initially denied the reports surrounding this episode but did not provide detailed clarification. However, it’s unclear whether CSC disputed the entire incident or specific aspects of it.

As of the publication date, there was no official response from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, MGM Resorts International (the company operating the Mandalay Bay Hotel, which contracted CSC for security), or CSC regarding this incident.

In summary, the circumstances surrounding the alleged threats made by the “mystery woman” before the Las Vegas concert shooting in 2017 remain unverified due to contradictory accounts and a lack of official statements.

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