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Pro-Trump Covfefe Coffee Sales Skyrocket Nearly 8,000% After Being Canceled by Chase Bank

Ground Nice and Fine

The Grind:
Sales for Covfefe Coffee have skyrocketed over 7,500%, following a National File report that Chase Bank had banned them from using their payment processor. National File reported at the start of last month that Chase Bank had banned Covfefe Coffee, the pro-Trump coffee company founded in 2018, from using their WePay payment processor. Chase had determined that the America First company had, in fact, been using their payment processor for “one or more of the activities prohibited by [their] Terms of Service.” National File inquired as to what Covfefe Coffee had engaged in that merited this decision, but received no response.

A spokesman for Covfefe Coffee told National File at the time that they believed they had been cancelled by Chase Bank solely for political reasons; Chase went after them because they stood behind President Trump, they argued. “The social credit system that is talked about in China, which conservatives say one day it’s coming here, no. We already have it,” they added.

The Details:
Conservatives were outraged at the action taken by Chase Bank against the independent coffee company. Following National File’s report, sales of Covfefe Coffee skyrocketed well over 7500%, and that “thanks to the support of great Americans,” they did as much business in February as they did in their entire first of year of operations.

Speaking exclusively to National File, a spokesman thanked those that supported the company in these tough times, especially those that shared their vision of “declaring independence from our corporate overlords and start making [their] own economy where [they’re] not dependent on leftists…” Read more…

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