Louisville Judge Dismisses Charges Against Breonna Taylor’s Partner in Crime, Even Though He Shot at Cops First

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The Grind:
A circuit court judge has dismissed charges against Kenneth Walker, the boyfriend and accomplice of Breonna Taylor, who has been deified by the Black Lives Matter terror movement since she was killed by police during a botched raid in Louisville, Ky… Even though it was determined that he shot at police first, he will be free to walk the streets and slang drugs yet again if he so chooses.

The Details:
Walker’s attorney is very happy about this decision that will put an additional target on the back of law enforcement. Walker is attempting to milk the media-fabricated story about his deceased girlfriend for every penny that he can. The social justice industry rewards shysters like this, who play the victim for additional handouts after breaking the law.

“We gonna get justice for Breonna Taylor,” he wrote. He hopes to receive a massive cash payout from the taxpayer in his ongoing civil suit against Louisville, the city’s police department, and other officials.

Big League Politics has reported on how Taylor’s story was fabricated from the start and how evidence from her and Walker’s mobile devices demonstrated that they were involved in illicit activity: Read more…

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