Mind-Blowing Denver Airport Conspiracy Theories That Will Shock You!

Denver International Airport (DEN) is a fascinating place, filled with unconventional artwork and design elements that have given rise to numerous conspiracy theories since its opening in February 1995.

One of these theories centers around the airport’s giant blue horse sculpture, famously known as “Blucifer.” Created by sculptor Luis Jiménez, the statue gained notoriety because a piece of it fell during construction, fatally injuring Jiménez. This incident led to fantastical stories about the horse coming to life and attacking the artist. Some still believe the statue is cursed, while others think its red eyes symbolize the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. In reality, the eyes pay tribute to Jiménez’s father, who ran a neon lights shop in Mexico.

Another conspiracy theory revolves around the airport’s art and artifacts, with some believing they contain hidden meanings. The gargoyle sculptures, known as “Notre Denver,” are often misunderstood as symbols of something nefarious. In reality, they were designed as protectors. There’s also a dedication plaque above a time capsule that reads “New World Airport Commission,” a fictitious group. Some theorists link this to the “New World Order,” a global elite conspiracy theory. The plaque also features the Freemason symbol, associated with the Illuminati, leading to claims that secret societies built the airport. However, DEN has debunked these theories, explaining that the plaque symbolizes the airport’s global connectivity.

Two murals by artist Leo Tanguma have sparked additional theories. Despite their positive titles, “Children of the World Dream of Peace” and “In Peace and Harmony with Nature” have been interpreted as containing themes of Nazism, death, genocide, and a one-world government. The artist and DEN assert that the murals serve as warnings about climate change, war, and violence.

The airport’s construction history has given rise to another conspiracy theory: the existence of bunkers and underground tunnels beneath DEN. Some believe these bunkers are intended for the Illuminati in case of an apocalypse, while others think they house aliens and lizard people. However, the tunnels under the airport are mundane, designed for baggage transport, not conspiracy, debunking these theories.

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