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Language Is a Drag, and It’s Not LGBT

The Grind: Smooth, and Addictive!

The Grind:
Shifting language and terms has always been a powerful way to change attitudes and social consciousness. I’m old enough to remember when the debate was between “pro-abortion” and “anti-abortion. It shifted to “pro-choice vs pro-life,” and now people who want to kill unborn babies are called “activists for reproductive rights.” The language has shifted to accepting that abortion is a “reproductive right,” rather than placing it as a choice for the mother.

We need to get honest and be clear in all of our language. This is especially true with all of the craziness surrounding the “rights” of drag queens (historically called transvestites) to come groom our children. Only through clear and honest language can we take back the soul of our nation away from those who want to destroy it in favor of puerile hedonism.

The Details:
We need to make it clear to individuals we personally know as well as corporations like Target that selling a line of lgbtqalphabet clothing for infants is not supportive of homosexuals or those with gender dysphoria, but rather a capitulation to a group of loud and psychologically immature, hedonistic showboats.

Approximately 2 in every 100,000 people experience gender dysphoria according to DSM5. This is a psychological challenge where they feel that their physical gender is not consonant with the gender they feel internally. It is sad and painful for them, and we need to have compassion and help them heal. They are God’s creatures and they are in pain, and we need to help them in their journey of healing.

But a person with gender dysphoria, a gay man, and a lesbian are qualitatively different than the drag queens who are infiltrating our schools, libraries, and culture. There is a significant difference between a man who is gay or experiencing true gender dysphoria and a school shop teacher who wears large fake breasts and women’s clothing at school but dresses as a man at other times. This is exhibitionist and fetishist, and we must not allow this type of person to be categorized the same way as a homosexual or person with gender dysphoria. Read more…

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