Eerie Flora UFO Sightings Baffle Experts

One of the most renowned UFO sightings worldwide occurred in Mississippi. On February 10, 1977, almost two dozen law enforcement officers bore witness to an enormous floating object hovering above the tree line in a cotton field near Flora, a rural area in Madison County.

Among the witnesses was a former deputy, whose identity remained concealed for this story, referred to as “Joe” for anonymity. Joe described the sighting as an object about 15 to 18 feet off the ground, exhibiting a metallic blue hue with portholes in the center. Its shape was likened to an old spinning top. Madison County sheriff’s Deputy Kenny Creel was also present during this extraordinary event. His account contributed to the global notoriety of the Flora UFO incident. Despite this, Kenny Creel has since been reserved about the incident.

Joe believes that Kenny Creel became reticent due to pressure from the “feds” (a colloquial reference to federal authorities), including the CIA, which discouraged him from discussing the event further. It’s unclear whether threats or other forms of pressure were employed to enforce this silence.

Local UFO researcher Patrick Frascogna has initiated a fresh inquiry into the 1977 Flora sightings, noting that the initial sighting involved credible witnesses within the law enforcement community, Kenny Creel and James Ray Luke.

Joe indicated that UFO sightings continue to occur around Flora. He even captured a photograph of something unusual in the sky in January. Nonetheless, such sightings are often regarded as a secretive matter in the town, with locals being hesitant to discuss them.

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