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Will DeSantis Push Back Against the Gay Takeover of Conservatism?

Crisp, and Impactful!

The Grind:
When Florida Governor Ron DeSantis joins interviewer Dave Rubin on stage Thursday evening in Orlando, pro-life, pro-marriage, and pro-family Americans will be watching closely to see whether the man who has been positioning himself to be the next GOP candidate for the presidency ignores or challenges Rubin’s egregious pursuit of parenthood via surrogacy…

The Details:
The public event will be a decisive moment for the governor who currently enjoys broad support from conservative Americans across the country for his leadership in championing pro-life, pro-religious liberty legislation and taking a stand against the infiltration of woke propaganda in the state’s public schools, supporting efforts to ban “gender transition” operations for children, holding firm against totalitarian COVID-19 lockdowns, vaccine and passport mandates, and the World Health Organization’s recent attempt to expand global pandemic powers…

The upcoming event would’ve likely gone on with little controversy except that earlier this year, Rubin announced that he and his “husband” are awaiting the birth of two babies obtained through donated eggs and surrogate mothers.

While many celebrities who present themselves a conservative tripped over themselves as they raced to congratulate Rubin on social media, a much smaller group of conservatives called out Rubin for his highly problematic decision to engineer children through surrogacy with his homosexual partner. Read more…

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