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Wealthy UFO Fanatics Fuel Fringe Beliefs: Shocking Expose!

In a candid 2017 interview with 60 Minutes, Robert Bigelow left no room for doubt when asked about the presence of space aliens on Earth. The Las Vegas-based real estate magnate, founder of Bigelow Aerospace, a company contracted by NASA for inflatable space station habitats, asserted confidently, “There has been and is an existing presence, an ET presence.” His conviction stemmed from investing “millions and millions and millions” of dollars in the search for UFO evidence, a financial commitment he claims surpasses any individual expenditure in the United States on this subject.

Indeed, since the early 1990s, Bigelow has been a prominent patron of pseudoscience relating to modern-day UFO lore, delving into realms such as crop circles, cattle mutilations, alien abductions, and UFO crashes. His financial backing has entrenched UFO-related discussions within both media circles and Congress, with talks now circulating about a purported massive UFO cover-up by the U.S. government. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has even advocated for the disclosure of information on “technologies of unknown origins, non-human intelligence, and unexplainable phenomena.”

This infusion of plutocrat-sponsored fringe science coincides with a backdrop of growing distrust in science fueled by political polarization, corporate agendas, and rampant conspiracy theories. Previously confined to Internet fringe communities, discussions surrounding UFOs have permeated mainstream politics, facilitated in no small part by wealthy individuals like Bigelow and Laurance Rockefeller, a key UFO benefactor in the 1990s.

Despite the scientific community’s skepticism, financial support for fringe endeavors persists. Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb’s recent quest for evidence of extraterrestrial life off Papua New Guinea, funded by cryptocurrency mogul Charles Hoskinson, is emblematic of this trend. Loeb’s controversial claims and unconventional approach to fringe science have garnered extensive media attention, though they are met with skepticism from his scientific peers.

The intersection of fringe science with prestigious institutions is not new, with a long history of wealthy patrons funding dubious research endeavors. From parapsychology at Duke and Harvard University to Percival Lowell’s observatory and the University of Arizona’s acceptance of funds promoting eugenics, fringe pursuits have often found academic legitimacy. This confluence of fringe ideas and academia eventually seeps into government-funded programs, influencing policy decisions and perpetuating dubious claims.

Robert Bigelow’s association with government-funded UFO investigations, including a $22 million contract with the Department of Defense, underscores the influence of wealthy backers on public discourse and policy formulation. The proliferation of evidence-free UFO claims in recent years, echoing through congressional hearings and media platforms, reflects the enduring legacy of Bigelow’s financial investments in fringe science. As UFO enthusiasm permeates Washington D.C., one thing is clear: regardless of the latest revelations, Robert Bigelow’s influence in shaping the UFO narrative remains unparalleled.

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