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Trump Says He Has the Solution to the Border Crisis

The Grind:

Joe Biden is “wiping out the few remaining shreds of our southern border,” Donald Trump insists.

The border crisis has already reached record proportions. According to a recent post from the Border Patrol Union, the Border Patrol is arresting 7,700 migrants a day in a sharp increase. But with Trump-era Title 42 restrictions set to end, that crisis could get exponentially worse. Former President Donald Trump released a video where he slammed Joe Biden’s plan to let Title 42 end as certain to cause “utter lawlessness.” Trump also proposed his own solution to the catastrophe.

The Details:

“Under my leadership, we had the most secure border in U.S. history by far,” Trump began in the video, which his son Donald Trump Jr., tweeted. “We replaced catch-and-release with detain and deport. One of my most successful policies was Title 42, which allowed for instant expulsion of any illegal alien who crossed our borders.” It’s that policy that is supposed to end soon under Biden. “Anybody, if they were bad, we got ’em out, we got ’em out fast,” Trump went on. “Those who trespassed into our country could be immediately sent back to the place from which they came.”

But Trump said that Biden “terminated every successful border policy” from Trump’s term, including Remain in Mexico, “deliberately throwing open the borders and instituting catch-and-release and resettling untold millions and millions of illegal aliens into the United States.”

The suspect in the recent horrific Texas massacre of four adults and a child had been deported at least four times previously. I highlighted in a recent article for PJ Media how many of the criminals the Border Patrol apprehends were previously deported. Under Biden, it’s easy for these criminals to enter the United States illegally no matter what their past was. Read more…

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