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Top-Secret UFO: Project 1794 Declassified Secrets Finally Revealed

In the latter part of 2012, the U.S. Air Force declassified a significant collection of documents that included records detailing a covert program known as Project 1794. Initiated in the 1950s, this ambitious project aimed to develop a flying saucer-type aircraft explicitly designed for intercepting Soviet bombers. Tasked with constructing a disc-shaped vehicle capable of achieving supersonic speeds at high altitudes, a team of engineers delved into the challenging venture.

Declassified documents shed light on the project’s objectives, envisioning the aircraft reaching a remarkable top speed of Mach 4, equivalent to four times the speed of sound, and ascending to an altitude of 100,000 feet (30,480 meters). The estimated cost of Project 1794 exceeded $3 million, an amount that, when adjusted for today’s inflation, surpasses $26 million.

Regrettably, Project 1794 faced its demise in December 1961 when tests indicated that the flying saucer design posed significant aerodynamic instability issues. The assessments hinted at potential uncontrollability, particularly at high speeds, including supersonic velocities. As a result, the project was canceled, marking the conclusion of an ambitious endeavor that aimed to create an advanced and unconventional aircraft for strategic purposes.

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