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The Rainbow Takeover of One Conservative, Southern City


The Grind:
Along with Durham and Chapel Hill, Raleigh is one of the three points on North Carolina’s Research Triangle, an area known as much for its highly-educated workforce and world-class research universities as it is for college basketball. In 1994, Money Magazine tapped the Triangle as the best place to live in America, lauding “the area’s idyllic setting, job opportunities and great weather.”

The Details
While Raleigh still offers opportunity, at least for the people who can afford it, the city suffers from the same core affliction ailing so many of America’s institutions: leadership more concerned with enforcing woke ideology than with the protecting life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Case in point: Raleigh’s decision to force COVID-19 shots on healthy cops, firefighters, and other city workers who don’t want the jab.

Not long ago, Raleigh could be characterized as a conservative, medium-sized American city…

The City of Oaks has changed dramatically since then, thanks in part to migration from other States and immigration from abroad. In 2020, Donald Trump lost Wake County, a place George W. Bush carried sixteen years earlier, by more than 167,000 votes and 26 percentage points. Meanwhile, the Wake County Schools hawk critical race theory and carry books like Lawn Boy in the school library, a work which features “scenes such as the main character talking about a sexual experience involving oral sex with another boy when he is 10 years old at a youth group gathering at their church.” Read more…

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