Ted Cruz Calls Out the FBI

The Grind:
In Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with FBI Director Christopher Wray, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz took Wray to task for the Biden administration’s politicization of the Bureau that’s been turned into a weapon against conservatives while ignoring leftist violence — and Cruz pulled out all the stops.

The Details:
To illustrate his concerns, Cruz brought up a “Domestic Terrorism Symbols Guide” produced by the FBI and exposed by Project Veritas that included the Gadsden flag, Betsy Ross flag, and Gonzales Battle flag as being indicators of “militia violent extremism.”

“Now, that’s fairly remarkable that the Betsy Ross flag, in the FBI’s indication, is indicative of militia violent extremism because among other people who’ve been publicly alongside the Betsy Ross flag we have President Barack Obama — who was sworn in directly underneath two Betsy Ross flags,” Cruz pointed out alongside charts showing the Obama inauguration.

“It’s not just President Obama,” Cruz added. “We also have president Biden, who was sworn in under Betsy Ross flags.” Again, another chart showed the giant Betsy Ross flags covering the West Front of the U.S. Capitol. Read more…

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