Team DeSantis Slams MSNBC’s Joy(less) Reid

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The Grind:

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid was put on blast Wednesday when a staffer revealed she’d attempted to invite Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) on her show.

Reid shared a video of DeSantis on her Twitter page from his Wednesday appearance alongside President Joe Biden, in which the Florida governor stood behind the president as he spoke about Hurricane Ian relief efforts.

“DeSantis’ face is saying so much in this clip,” Reid wrote, referencing the governor’s reaction as Biden blamed the hurricane on climate change.

The Details:

DeSantis’s deputy press secretary Jeremy Redfern responded to the video with a screenshot of his own.

“You’re upset that you got turned down again, huh?” Redfern captioned the picture, which depicted an email exchange between him and an unidentified staffer at The ReidOut. In the email, the staffer asked to “touch base” with DeSantis’s team as the midterm elections approach, in which DeSantis is seeking reelection.

“Nah, we are good,” Redfern responded in the email.

This exchange came after a television segment in which Reid went on to discuss DeSantis’s record in Congress, particularly when Hurricane Sandy hit New York and New Jersey. At the time, DeSantis and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) were vocal in their opposition to sending aid to the states. Read more…

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