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Support for Biden’s Handling of the Pandemic Falls

The Grinds:
Support among Americans for President Joe Biden’s actions relating to the coronavirus pandemic has dropped by 5% according to a new poll on Friday.

The Hill-HarrisX poll found that 64% of registered voters supported the efforts by the Biden administration to stop the pandemic, a 5 point drop from the 69% support Biden had at the beginning of his term.

The poll was conducted between Feb. 12 and 15, while the earlier comparison poll was conducted between Jan. 21 and 24.

The Details:
Biden fared better in general support among those registered voters. 59% said they approved of his overall job as president, whereas 60% said they approved a week ago.

While some may have soured on the administration’s response to the coronavirus, the pandemic has significantly lessened in recent weeks. Just in the last two weeks coronavirus cases have fallen by 40%, and since January they have dropped by 70%.

Biden has faced some criticism for his administration’s claims that the vaccine program they inherited from the former Trump administration was “non_existent.” Some journalists and even his own coronavirus task force chief Dr. Anthony Fauci contradicted the claim but they have persisted in repeating the debunked accusation. Read more…

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