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Steve Scalise Breaks the News about the IRS

The Grind:
Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) said that the Democrat spending bill that boosts IRS funding is “guaranteed” to squeeze more tax revenue from middle- and lower-income Americans despite Biden administration insistence that households making less than $400,000 won’t face higher taxes or audit rates.

The Details:
Scalise, who is the House Republican whip, made the remarks on the House floor and in an interview on Fox News on Aug. 12, the day the Democrat-controlled House passed the Inflation Reduction Act.

“The smoking gun came out this morning,” Scalise said on the House floor, referring to a statement from the non-partisan scorekeeper at the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) that reportedly confirmed that $20 billion in additional tax revenue would come from middle- and lower-income households owing to the IRS enforcement funding boost.

“It was a confirmation that the IRS agents will be getting about $20 billion in new taxes from people making less than $400,000,” Scalise said, while characterizing the CBO statement as confirmation that the bill “breaks President [Joe] Biden’s promise” that Americans making less than that amount shouldn’t worry as their taxes won’t go up. Read more…

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