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Shocking Revelation: Moonwalker’s Startling Claim about Climate Change!

Harrison Schmitt, the 12th person to walk on the moon during the Apollo 17 mission in 1972, has garnered attention not only for his extraordinary space voyage but also for his controversial views on climate change. Despite overwhelming scientific evidence supporting human-induced climate change, Schmitt remains skeptical of its existence. During the Science Writers 2018 conference in Washington, D.C., Schmitt reiterated his disbelief in human-caused climate change, sparking a discussion among attendees and journalists.

Schmitt’s denial of climate science is not a new phenomenon. Reports dating back to 2011 have highlighted his skepticism, with Schmitt even asserting that increasing levels of carbon dioxide could be beneficial to humanity. At the recent conference, Schmitt doubled down on his stance, dismissing evidence of human influence on climate change and questioning the accuracy of climate models.

During a Q&A session, Schmitt faced scrutiny from journalists regarding his contradictory stance on climate change compared to his staunch defense of the moon landing. When questioned about the irony of his position, Schmitt adamantly defended his views, arguing that there was insufficient evidence to link human activity to climate change. Despite objections from the audience, Schmitt maintained his stance, emphasizing the uncertainty surrounding climate models and their accuracy.

However, Schmitt’s perspective drew criticism from fellow geologists and scientists in the audience, who challenged his assertion that human activities are not contributing to climate change. The Geological Society of London, for instance, has explicitly stated that human actions are responsible for recent warming trends, based on extensive climate data analysis.

While acknowledging the occurrence of natural climate fluctuations throughout Earth’s history, scientists emphasize that the current rate of climate change is unprecedented. The rapid increase in carbon dioxide levels due to human activities is driving significant environmental changes, including extreme weather events and rising sea levels.

In light of mounting scientific evidence and consensus among experts, Schmitt’s skepticism underscores the ongoing debate surrounding climate change and the challenges of addressing it effectively. Despite his esteemed background as an astronaut and geologist, Schmitt’s views on climate change remain at odds with the scientific community’s consensus.

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