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Sen. Hawley Calls Out Zuckerberg and Big Tech For Alleged Collusion On Censorship

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The Grind:
As the big tech tyrants tighten their grip, join us for more free speech at Parler-the anti-censorship social media platform.

Sen. Josh Hawley questioned Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg before the Senate Judiciary Committee on
Tuesday, and had specific questions regarding Facebook’s ability to track users and data.

Hawley’s primary concern with regard to the big three tech companies was whether or not they were colluding across platforms to decide who and what should be banned or censored on each site.

The Details:
“I’m talking about content moderation, individuals, websites, hashtags, phrases to ban,” Hawley said to Zuckerberg. “Is it your testimony that you do not communicate with Twitter or Google about content moderation, about individuals, websites, phrases, hashtags, websites, to ban? Yes or no, do you communicate with Twitter or Google about coordinating your policies in this way?”

“Senator, we do not coordinate our policies,” Zuckerberg replied.

Do your Facebook content moderation teams communicate with their counterparts at Twitter or Google?”

“Senator, I’m not aware of anything specific, but I think it would probably be pretty normal for people to talk to their peers and colleagues in the industry,” Zuckerberg said.

Hawley cut him off, asking “It would be normal but you don’t do it?” Read more…

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