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PA Legislature Moves to Impeach Soros-Backed Philly DA

Ground Down to the Essentials

The Grind:

The national media and some Democrats are rushing to defend John Fetterman, the Democratic Pennsylvania lieutenant governor running for the U.S. Senate, who performed miserably against Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz in Tuesday night’s debate.

It will be the only event of its kind before Election Day, and most voters walked away curious about whether Fetterman, who suffered a severe stroke last spring, could execute the duties of the office.

The Details:

The former Braddock mayor struggled to string coherent sentences together while Oz performed well, demonstrating a firm grasp of the issues and laying out his agenda for the people of the Keystone State.

Fetterman’s camp went so far as to blame the closed captioning system, one of his campaign’s stipulations for the debate, for the messy deliveries. No one is buying that, but Oz’s camp offered a do-over debate should Mr. Fetterman agree. As Democratic operatives are reportedly in full panic mode, he won’t, adding that this debate might have killed Democratic chances for picking up this seat being vacated by outgoing Republican Sen. Pat Toomey.

One issue that has helped Oz mount a comeback in his race is hitting on Fetterman’s horrible record on public safety. He doesn’t shy away from the view that life imprisonment should be abolished for murderers while also advocating to release of one-third of PA’s prison population. With crime spiking, this issue has become a top concern for voters this cycle. Read more…

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