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Outrageous: Rental Car Tagged ‘AF’ – Terrifying Message for Single Women?

In July 2023, a post began circulating on Facebook detailing an incident that allegedly occurred during a woman’s solo drive from Kaleva, Michigan, to Ann Arbor. According to the story, an unnamed woman was reportedly informed by a car rental company employee that her SUV rental had been marked with yellow paint by criminals with the letters “AF,” supposedly standing for “alone female.” The suggestion was that this marking could be connected to kidnapping or human trafficking. However, as of August 8, the story lacks verifiable details, and the original post appears to have been made private or removed.

Attempts to verify the story yielded no supporting evidence. No news stories in Michigan discussed such an incident, and the original post lacked specific information such as the rental company’s name, brand, or identifiable details. To gather more information, inquiries were made to media relations representatives for the Michigan State Police and Ann Arbor Police Department, as well as major car rental companies like Avis Budget Group, Enterprise Holdings, and Hertz.

The dialogue that unfolded in response to the story was familiar, reflecting the skepticism often seen with such stories. A comment section showcased a conversation where one user called the story a “hoax,” while another argued that the truth didn’t matter as the tale served as a reminder to remain cautious.

The original post, shared as “copypasta,” narrated an incident involving yellow paint markings with the letters “AF” on a rental car. The woman who allegedly experienced this noticed the markings and contacted the rental company, which denied writing anything on the window. The employee suggested the markings meant “Alone Female” and advised the woman to be vigilant, remove the markings, and call the police if she encountered such markings again.

However, without substantial evidence or corroborating reports, the accuracy of this story remains uncertain. As with many viral tales, it’s essential to approach such claims critically and consider their credibility before drawing conclusions or raising unnecessary alarms.

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