Mind-Blowing: Did Time Travelers Attend Stephen Hawking’s Memorial?

Physicist Stephen Hawking, renowned for his groundbreaking work on black holes and the universe’s origin, is not only celebrated for his contributions to science but also for hosting a party with an intriguing twist. On June 28, 2009, Hawking extended an invitation for a unique gathering: a party for time travelers. He dispatched the invites on the following day, expressing his hope that evidence of the event would endure for millennia, potentially drawing future time travelers back to his soiree.

Despite the anticipation, Hawking’s party experienced an odd silence; not a single time traveler attended. Yet, the story continues. Hawking’s interment service is scheduled to take place at London’s Westminster Abbey on June 15. Astonishingly, the Stephen Hawking Foundation has issued an invitation to time travelers once more. This intriguing decision became evident when London travel blogger IanVisits noted that ticket applicants could select their birth year from as early as 2019 to as late as 2038, allowing individuals who have not yet been born, some even two decades away, to participate in the ticket raffle.

The Stephen Hawking Foundation maintained its stance, stating that it cannot rule out time travel as a possibility, as it hasn’t been disproven to their satisfaction. While there have been no reported time-traveler applicants for tickets thus far, the foundation is open to all possibilities. The application deadline is approaching, closing at midnight on May 15. This event will see Hawking’s ashes interred between the tombs of Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin, an undoubtedly fitting resting place for a scientific luminary like Hawking. The public will have the opportunity to pay their respects shortly after the memorial service concludes.

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