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Kari Lake Confirms She’s Taking Election Lawsuit to Supreme Court

The Grind:

Arizona GOP candidate Kari Lake indicated she is still planning to take her election-related lawsuit to the state Supreme Court after an appellate court tossed her suit last week.

“If they think we are going to surrender when something was stolen from us, they are messing with the wrong Americans,” Lake told supporters during an event in Lake Havasu City on Saturday, according to the Mojave Daily News. “I want you to know that we are taking this fight to the Arizona Supreme Court and we will fight in every legal avenue that we can right now.”

The Details:

Lake added during the event that she “didn’t expect them to rule for us so we’re taking this to the Arizona Supreme Court,” the outlet reported. “They have the power to make this right and I hope they will look at the Constitution, look at how the state is being torn apart and show that courage to do the right thing.”

Despite the two court setbacks, Lake signaled that she believes her lawsuit will ultimately prevail in the court system. If the Arizona Supreme Court doesn’t take up her case or rejects her case, Lake did not indicate how she would proceed.

“I don’t want to just say that I have hope with our case because our case is so strong, it truly is and the law is on our side,” said Lake, a former television journalist who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump. “I have confidence in our cases, our attorneys have confidence in the case.”

Without providing a specific time-table, Lake said she will appeal to the Supreme Court “hopefully in the next couple of weeks or so.” Read more…

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