Jack Dorsey Accepts ‘Blame’ for Twitter Scandals

Flowery Language Here at the Daily Grind

The Grind:

Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter, admits he “totally gave up” fighting back against prominent activists in the company and takes full responsibility for the social media platform’s many failures that have been exposed in the ongoing release of the Twitter Files.

“I’ll start with the principles I’ve come to believe…based on everything I’ve learned and experienced through my past actions as a Twitter co-founder and lead,” Dorsey began. “1. Social media must be resilient to corporate and government control. 2. Only the original author may remove content they produce. 3. Moderation is best implemented by algorithmic choice.”

The Details:

“The Twitter when I led it and the Twitter of today do not meet any of these principles,” he conceded. “This is my fault alone, as I completely gave up pushing for them when an activist entered our stock in 2020. I no longer had hope of achieving any of it as a public company with no defense mechanisms (lack of dual-class shares being a key one). I planned my exit at that moment knowing I was no longer right for the company.”

Dorsey condemned the “dangerous” insults on his “former colleagues” in his screed. “The current attacks on my former colleagues could be dangerous and doesn’t solve anything. If you want to blame, direct it at me and my actions, or lack thereof.”

Well, that’s all well and good, but it’s easy to be the guy in charge and accept the blame for the actions of others. That still doesn’t absolve them or him of wrongdoing. Not one bit. Read more…

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