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IRS Raids Gun Store, Takes All Gun Purchaser Records

The Grind: Smooth, and Addictive!

The Grind:
Once again, the Biden administration has set its sights on the wrong target. It has been reported that twenty armed IRS agents recently raided a gun store in Montana, but their focus was solely on the forms filled out by gun purchasers. It appears that the Biden administration is actively compiling data on law-abiding gun owners. This revelation comes at a time when President Biden and his Democratic allies are pushing for stricter gun control measures, and the IRS is planning to hire an additional 87,000 agents. This raises serious concerns about how the Biden administration intends to use all this information on gun sales and whether legal gun owners are the next victims of an intrusive and weaponized federal government.

In an interview on Newsmax’s The Chris Salcedo Show, Representative Matt Rosendale of Montana expressed his outrage over the raid. He described the incident as “stormtrooper-type activity” and highlighted the unusual nature of the IRS’s goal. Instead of focusing on financial records and transactions, which would be within the agency’s purview, they confiscated all the ATF 4473 forms. These forms are simply filled out by individuals when purchasing a firearm to ensure they do not have a criminal background or any disqualifying factors.

The Details:
Rosendale went on to express his concerns that this raid was yet another attempt by the IRS to create a database that could be used to target conservatives who exercise their Second Amendment rights. He emphasized the disturbing pattern of federal agencies being weaponized to target and harass hardworking Americans. This incident further solidifies the need to prevent the Biden administration from expanding these agencies and encroaching on our liberties.

As Todd Starnes rightly pointed out, we have witnessed numerous instances of peaceful groups being targeted by the federal government for political reasons. Pro-lifers, traditional Catholics, and concerned parents who oppose woke curriculum have all been subject to scrutiny and harassment. Let us not forget the targeting of former President Donald Trump and the individuals involved in the January 6th events. Given this track record, it is not far-fetched to question whether law-abiding gun owners will be the next victims of political persecution.

The Biden administration’s actions raise serious concerns about privacy rights and the potential for government overreach. It is essential for conservatives and all Americans who value their constitutional rights to remain vigilant and push back against any attempts to undermine our Second Amendment freedoms. We must ensure that the federal government respects the rights of law-abiding citizens and does not use its power to unjustly target those who exercise their right to bear arms.

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