Flat-Earthers Reveal Shocking Secret Behind Edge Survival

Over 200 flat-earthers recently gathered in West Midlands, England, for the Flat Earth Convention UK, aiming to engage in discussions and present their scientific evidence for a flat Earth. Despite overwhelming evidence supporting Earth’s spherical nature dating back thousands of years, this subset of individuals continues to believe in a flat disk-shaped planet, defying the laws of gravity that necessitate a spherical structure.

One speaker at the convention, Darren Nesbit, introduced the concept of the “Pac-Man effect,” suggesting that when objects like planes reach the horizon on a flat Earth, they teleport to the opposite side akin to Pac-Man transitioning across a screen. This unconventional theory attempts to explain why objects don’t fall off the edge of a purported flat Earth.

The convention also featured alternative viewpoints alongside flat-Earth discussions, including perspectives from musicians, healthcare professionals like Dave Marsh, and independent flat-Earthers like Gary John. Marsh, associated with the flat-Earth research group FEcore, focuses on lunar research and questions established cosmological concepts such as gravity.

Martin Kenny, another speaker, expands on the flat-Earth belief, proposing a complex model of concentric rings of land, each with its sun and moon. These varying theories within flat-Earth ideology demonstrate the diversity of thought among its proponents.

Flat-Earthers often dispute evidence from space agencies like NASA, dismissing satellite images of Earth as fabrications. The Flat Earth Society, one of the oldest flat-Earth organizations, claims a modest membership, reflecting the niche nature of this belief system.

The convention included discussions on heliocentrism versus geocentrism, showcasing the ongoing debate within the flat-Earth community. Despite widespread scientific consensus on Earth’s spherical shape, these gatherings continue to attract believers who challenge mainstream cosmology with their alternative perspectives.

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