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Explosive Revelation: Is Oprah Winfrey Hollywood’s Secret ‘Handler’?

On June 9, 2023, a YouTube video titled “Dave Chappelle Exposes Oprah For Being A HANDLER For Hollywood Elites” was uploaded to the This Happened YouTube channel. The video quickly gained popularity, with millions of views on YouTube and TikTok. However, the video’s central claim, that Dave Chappelle exposed Oprah Winfrey as a handler for Hollywood elites, lacked any evidence to support it.

Despite the video’s title, there was no footage or statement from Chappelle actually exposing Winfrey. The video selectively edited Chappelle’s remarks, creating the false impression that he had made negative comments about her. In reality, Chappelle was referring to a minority of people who reacted unkindly to his COVID-19 diagnosis, not Winfrey.

The video also brought up unrelated controversies involving Winfrey, such as her alleged involvement in human trafficking and a dispute with comedian Mo’Nique. These topics had no connection to Chappelle or his alleged exposure of Winfrey.

Regarding the trafficking allegations, the video referenced Winfrey’s promotion of João de Deus, a spiritual healer who was later convicted of sexual assault. Winfrey had interviewed him on her show but expressed sympathy for the victims after his crimes came to light.

The video also mentioned Winfrey’s interactions with Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein, without providing any evidence of their connection. These claims were part of the video’s broader attempt to paint Winfrey as part of a larger conspiracy involving Hollywood elites.

Attempts were made to contact the creators of the YouTube channel, as well as Chappelle and Winfrey, for their statements on the matter. However, no responses were received.

In summary, the viral video claiming that Dave Chappelle exposed Oprah Winfrey as a handler for Hollywood elites was misleading and lacked any evidence to support its central claim. It distorted Chappelle’s remarks and included unrelated controversies to create a false narrative.

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