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DHS: Watch Fox News and Prager U, and You’ll End Up A Nazi

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The Grind:
The Department of Homeland Security’s recent actions raise serious concerns about their targeting of conservatives and Christians in an effort to suppress opposing viewpoints. By utilizing the “Targeted Violence & Terrorism Prevention Grant Program,” originally intended to combat terrorism, the Biden administration has redirected its focus towards undermining the political right and Christians. Taxpayers have funded these efforts, amounting to nearly $40 million, in what appears to be a coordinated attempt to create a one-party system.

One particularly alarming seminar took place at the University of Dayton, where DHS-funded initiatives on media literacy and online critical thinking were established. However, the presenter at this seminar, Michael Loadenthal, is a self-proclaimed member of Antifa with a history of celebrating left-wing violence on social media. Loadenthal’s presentation featured a chart labeled “The Pyramid of Far-Right Radicalization,” which places mainstream conservative groups like Fox News, the Heritage Foundation, the National Rifle Association (NRA), and even the Republican Party at the bottom level.

The Details:
The chart suggests that engaging with conservative media or supporting these organizations leads to the acceptance of extremist ideologies. Loadenthal and the DHS attempt to create a narrative that connects these mainstream conservative groups to far-right movements and even Nazi symbols. This deliberate attempt to demonize and marginalize conservatives reveals the Biden regime’s agenda to stifle opposition and suppress dissenting voices.

While the DHS denies direct involvement in the seminar, their regional prevention coordinator was a presenter at the same event, raising doubts about their claims. It is concerning that these seminars consistently target right-wing groups while turning a blind eye to extremism on the left. The lack of balanced scrutiny indicates a bias in favor of the Biden administration’s narrative that Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans pose a threat to the foundations of our republic.

Republicans in the House and elsewhere must demand transparency from the DHS and put pressure on the agency to address these concerns. It is vital to prevent the ongoing demonization and silencing of dissenting voices, ensuring that constitutional rights protected by the First Amendment are upheld for all individuals, regardless of their political beliefs. Without proper accountability, the suppression of conservative perspectives will continue to erode the principles of democracy and free speech.

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