DeSantis is Wall-Builder Material

The Grind:
Does the United States of America even have a border anymore?

The Details:
One may wonder about such a thing amid the unprecedented crisis at the United States border; a record estimate of almost a quarter million illegal aliens entered the country just last May!

Some are now wondering if the border will soon face an invasion even more drastic than what it has seen thus far. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is one such person, recently calling on Biden to keep the Trump admin’s “Remain in Mexico” policy in place after the Supreme Court’s Thursday ruling that they need not abide it. DeSantis suggested the border crisis would worsen substantially should the Biden regime choose to trash the policy.

“I also would like to just make a comment on how the US Supreme Court made a decision about the ‘remain in Mexico’ policy at the southern border,” DeSantis said at a Thursday press conference.

“They made Trump jump through a lot of hoops, and now they’re saying Biden can just get rid of it. That may actually be what the Constitution [says] but they’re treating him differently than they treated Trump, which I don’t think it appropriate.” Read more…

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