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Dem Georgia Senate Candidate Mocks Need For Self-Defense Inside Churches

We Grind Away at the Small Stuff, So You Can Have the Details

The Grind:
Rev. Raphael Warnock, the Georgia Democrat running against Republican Kelly Loeffler in next month’s Senate runoff election, is under fire for a resurfaced video of a past sermon in which he mocked the idea of allowing Christians to carry guns into churches for self-defense.

In the 2014 remarks, Warnock took aim at the “bright idea” of legislation to increase the number of establishments in which Georgians would be allowed to carry concealed weapons, including churches.

The Details:
“Have you ever been to a church meeting?” Warnock asked. “That’s the last place …” he trailed off and smiled as the audience laughed. “Whoever thought of that had never been to a church meeting!”

Bearing Arms noted that recent history demonstrates the rationale for such legislation. In 2017, a man walked into First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas and opened fire. Stephen Willeford, who was asleep in his home nearby, woke up to the sound of gunfire and used his AR-15 to stop the attacker from escaping. Two years later, a gunman who entered West Freeway Church of Christ, also in Texas, was stopped by armed security guard Jack Wilson.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) quickly responded with an ad contrasting Warnock’s remarks with the Wilson and Willeford cases. “Law-abiding Americans defending themselves is no laughing matter,” it said. Read more…

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