China’s Ministry of Education Plans to Tackle ‘Feminization of Male Youths’ as West Embraces LGBT Agenda

The Grind:
As many Western countries advocate for transgenderism and LGBT issues, China is moving in the polar opposite direction, doubling down on their intention to “re-masculinize” the nation’s male population. The Communist Chinese government’s Education Ministry has issued a statement that aggressively inferred the males of the China have become too “feminine.” The message has been met with mixed reviews with those wishing for China to join the globalist culture criticizing the statement as sexist, while those who support the Communist regime saying China’s feminized male celebrities are partly to blame.

The Details:
Last week, China’s Education Ministry issued a notice that was direct and to the point, titled, “The Proposal to Prevent the Feminization of Male Adolescents.” In an attempt to tackle what a top Chinese official called “the feminization of male youths,” the country’s Education Ministry plans to emphasize the “spirit of yang,” or male attributes, by beefing up gym classes. The notice- which in China is more akin to a mandate or a directive, called on schools to “fully reform their offerings on physical education and strengthen their recruitment of teachers.” Read more…

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