China Now Claiming It Has Also Intercepted a UFO

The Grind:

Good news, everybody. All those UFOs being shot down over the US and Canada might not be from China after all, leaving the possibility that it’s just an alien invasion on the table.

According to the Chicoms, they have detected an unidentified craft over Rizhao and have scrambled jets in response, warning fishermen to stay alert if something comes crashing down out of the sky.

The Details:

That news was about an hour old as of this writing and no further news has been released on whether China successfully engaged the supposed craft. That is if there even was a UFO as the communists claim.

It seems far more likely that China is just looking to cover for its own incursions into US and Canadian airspace by claiming to also have no idea what’s going on. “Oh look, we are also engaging UFOs” seems just a tad too convenient, and while it’d be much more entertaining if these various flying objects were UFOs with an origin other than Earth, Occam’s razor says they are probably just more Chinese balloons.

I can’t say for sure, though, because the President of the United States is completely AWOL. Perhaps we’ll get some word on what is going on by Monday. Read more…

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