Can We Now Assume DeSantis Wins a Second Term?

The Grind:
As the campaign season is ramping up in Florida, the challengers to Ron DeSantis are showing signs of desperation to gain notice and any hint of traction while opposing a popular governor. The political chameleon Charlie Crist will attempt any talking point in the press and on social media to get attention. But the real fun is in the other Democratic challenger, state Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried.

The Details:
Over the past few months, Fried has displayed all the political prowess of a middle schooler running for class President by appealing to the Dungeons and Dragons Club members. She has shown herself to be a PR disaster and a consistent source of mirth, as she polls behind DeSantis by double-digit deficits. To wit, she constantly insists Florida is poised to turn completely blue, all while her Twitter bio touts how she is the lone elected Democrat in Tallahassee over the past 10 years.

With that same savvy for her latest salvo, Fried has delivered a tweet of brevity that manages to layer the problems in a predictably comical fashion. It begins with a comment made by Lincoln Project member Rick Wilson, which she was too tempted to resist. Read more…

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