California Priest Scores Major Victory Against Gov. Newsom, Can Keep Church Open

The Grind:
The California Catholic priest who sued California Governor Gavin Newsom told LifeSiteNews he was inspired to do so because of the requests and suffering of the faithful who could not attend Mass or have their Confessions heard, and approached him in search of the Sacraments.

Father Trevor Burfitt, who is a priest of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), scored a huge victory when a court ruling demanded that “all harassment” of the churchgoers by health officials “immediately cease.”

The Details:
His church, Our Lady of the Angels, had been issued two $500 citations on October 15 after Los Angeles health officials observed about 11 people leave the Church through the back door, and were stopped by a security guard when attempting to enter the Church.

This harassment has now been “deemed unconstitutional,” and such orders cannot be enforced, according to attorney Paul M. Jonna of the St. Thomas More Society, which is representing Burfitt.

California Superior Court judge Gregory Pulskamp, who has issued a preliminary injunction against enforcement of California’s indoor religious services ban, “said he relied on recent rulings from the U.S. Supreme Court in the cases Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn vs. Cuomo and Harvest Rock Church vs. Newsom,” revealed Catholic World Report. Read more…

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