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Blake Masters Strikes the Communist Sacred Cow

The Grind:
A little over a week ago, rising Republican star Blake Masters dared to say what so much of the Republican base knows is obvious, but so few of their leaders are willing to say: That a major reason for the Biden administration’s ineffectiveness is its devout belief in hiring based on race, sex, and “LGBTQ+” status rather than ability…

The Details:
Masters’ attack on affirmative is entirely merited and long-overdue. And more to the point, the entire Republican Party should be following Masters into a full-scale war against affirmative action, everywhere in American life…

The second reason all Republicans should take on affirmative action is because it’s enormously destructive to America. As Masters’ tweet and video make plain, affirmative action is about far more than just college admissions slots or entry-level jobs. Affirmative action has become an elaborate patronage system touching every part of American life. The President picks his VP and Supreme Court nominees using affirmative action. Companies appoint board members based on affirmative action. Government contracts are awarded based on race and sex rather than ability. Police and prosecutors are openly pressured to enforce the law less harshly on blacks than on whites… America tried to make “racial equity” a priority for law enforcement, and what it got was thousands of deaths from an explosion in murders and car crashes. In 2008, a push to hand out mortgages to people who couldn’t afford them caused the largest financial crisis in living memory. Now, at the Biden Administration’s urging, banks are making the exact same mistake, for explicitly racial reasons. Read more…

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