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Army Chaplain is Under Investigation for Questioning Transgenders in the Military

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The Grind:
An Army chaplain is under investigation for questioning the mental fitness of transgender military personnel. Texas Army chaplain Maj. Andrew Calvert is in danger of losing his position because of a Facebook post he wrote questioning President-imposed Joe Biden’s decision to let transgenders serve in the military.

The Details:
“How is rejecting reality (biology) not evidence that a person is mentally unfit (ill), and thus making that person unqualified to serve? There is little difference in this than over those who believe and argue for a ‘flat earth,’ despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary,” Calvert wrote in a response to an Army Times’ Facebook post. Stating biological facts is no longer allowed in post-freedom America. Calvert may lose his position as chaplain at the 3rd Security Force Assistance Brigade in Fort Hood for speaking the plain truth. A Democrat operative is leading a digital lynch mob to rob this Christian of his rights. Read more…

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