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Amazon Offers $2,000 ‘Resignation Bonuses’ for Alabama Workers to Crush Unionization Drive

We Grind Away at the Small Stuff, So You Can Have the Details

The Grind:
The corporate giant Amazon is once again showing its contempt for American workers, deploying coercive measures that critics believe are bribes in an attempt to break worker solidarity.

Amazon has been at war with its workers in Alabama for months, forcing workers to attend anti-union seminars and sending them text messages inferring that unionizing would cause facilities to close and jobs to be lost. Now, they are offering $2,000 “resignation bonuses” to crush the unionization drive for good before union elections end on March 30.

The Details:
Amazon is offering employees who have worked through two peak seasons up to $2,000 to resign. Workers who have worked through three peak seasons are being offered as much as $3,000 to resign. These workers are being told they can get their jobs back later as well, but that could be a deception. Critics are alleging that Amazon will bring in workers who are firmly anti-union to replace them and vote against unionization.

“That should be illegal, how can you pay someone to resign,” 48-year-old Black Amazon worker Jennifer Bates said about Amazon’s cruel anti-worker ploy. “They are going all the way, they are pulling out all the stops.”

The “resignation bonuses” may be illegal under existing labor law as these types of payoffs are usually frowned upon by federal authorities.

“The NLRB routinely finds violations for ‘conferring benefits’ to induce employees not to vote for a union during the “critical period” between the time the election petition is filed and the election is held,” said University of Wyoming Labor Law Professor Mike Duff, a former prosecutor for the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Read more…

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