Even Democrats Want Trump Back

The Grind:
New data shows 42 percent of Americans want Donald Trump back in office in 2024.

The Details:
The number is 40 percent (14 points) higher than those who want Biden back (28 percent). Another 27 percent told Rasmussen Reports they would prefer “somebody else” other than the 2020 competitors.

Ask if Joe Biden’s presidency has been good or bad for the long-term success of the United States, 52 percent said “bad,” while just 34 percent said it has been “good”. Eleven percent said Biden’s presidency has not made much of a difference to America’s long-term fortunes.

While 66 percent of Republicans said they wanted Trump back, just 57 percent of Democrats said they wanted Biden in 2024, with almost double the number of Democrats (19 percent) picking Trump over Republicans who chose Biden (10 percent). Support for the pair is equally shared amongst moderates (33 percent each), with another 32 percent of moderates picking “somebody else.” Read more…

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